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Cove Central is now a Maine Green Power company

In an effort to preserve Maine’s natural resources and protect the environment, Cove Central supports the Maine Green Power program.

Over the years, Maine Green Power has sourced renewable energy among the following Maine projects:

  • Rumford Falls Power

  • Otis Hydro Project

  • Rollins Wind

  • Fog Hill Solar

  • Maine Tidal Energy

  • Mattaceunk Hydroelectric Project

  • Bingham Wind

The goals of the program are:

  • To support the growth of local renewable energy thru creation of local jobs

  • To support Maine renewable projects and innovations

  • Making a difference by lowering electricity-based carbon footprint

The Maine Green Power is a program committed to the values that reflect who we are as an organization in the state of Maine. We choose Maine-made renewable energy. We are a Maine Green Power company.

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