CRM Integration

A CRM system can help you store customer data such as user behavior, how long a customer has been with your business, purchase records, and notes on sales interactions, which you can use to optimize your sales and marketing processes and improve customer service across your organization. Cove Central can take this one step further by integrating it with your voice communication systems, automatically logging phone interactions and providing employees information about a caller before they even answer the phone.

Web Integration

A new PBX can be extended and integrated with your website, from Click-to-Call functionality to real time chat. Let Cove Central help you increase the productivity of today’s often limited staff. It has been found that a single customer service or support representative can manage up to 4 chat sessions or just a single phone call at the same time. Many customers prefer real time chat over waiting in Queue for support.

Happier Customers

The primary goal of CRM software should be to improve your relationships with your customers. Integrating your PBX with your CRM system ensures that your customers and prospects will always be treated with the care and respect they deserve:

  • CRM integration makes people on both sides of the call happier. Your employees have access to real-time calling data about the customer and their previous interactions. In turn, you can use this data to tailor your sales message or better anticipate the customer’s support needs.

  • When a customer calls for support, agents can automatically view their contact profile, including any previous interactions. Customers who are calling to follow up about a technical support issue, for example, can be directed to the agent who previously handled their call, or another agent can continue support without making the customer re-explain their issue from the beginning.

Ultimately, integrating your PBX with your CRM system leads to shorter wait times, higher productivity, and more satisfied customers.