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Our services are based on the award-winning  software-based IP PBX and our OEM partnerships provides us access to the manufacturer's premier support teams  This allows us to support organizations with multiple US locations, remote and mobile staff, satellite campuses, and international offices.  As a certified Partner, we have over 15 years managing and supporting network infrastructure in health care organizations, educational institutions, retailers that have multiple locations, as well as small businesses with staff on-the-go.



Are you looking to replace your company’s outdated PBX? With Cove Central's Preferred PBX Platforms there is no need to worry about management and installation as the configuration is straightforward. Connect SIP trunks within minutes with pre-configured templates, plug-in an IP Phone or Gateway to your network for automatic configuration. Avoid interop issues with Cove Central’s tested IP Phones. Through the easy to use management console we can create, edit and delete extensions and DIDs, upgrade your IP Phone firmware and reprovision & reboot IP phones on-the-fly.  Deploy on existing Windows or Linux machines and virtualize on KVM, Hyper-V or VMware.



For the ultimate in reliability and connectivity beyond the capabilities of most organizations, we provide cloud hosting of your PBX. We deploy on Google Cloud, Amazon Lightsail, Azure, AWS & others. We can also integrate your CRM and advanced Unified Communications features, as well as smartphone and apps. We offer you more functionality at a fraction of the cost of other cloud solutions!
Choose the PBX that fits your needs, Cove Central provides premium support for Vodia and 3CX.  If your not sure which platform best supports your needs, we'll work with you to design the best solution.

Deploy Without Pain

Whether you’re trying to connect your legacy phone system to an IP network, or want a dedicated PBX on your premises using wireless connections, we provide various hybrid solutions customized to every need of any customer from all IP phones or analog to IP network, or a combination of both. We can also help you implement high speed wireless links to connect buildings across a parking lot or across town at speeds up to 10Gbps without the ongoing costs of dark fiber and other dedicated wide area network technologies.

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Specializing in move-in, move-out, new installs and upgrades including working internally and externally with your electricians, cable and phone providers, IT and facilities managers, we can help you design your VoIP infrastructure to work with your existing network and manage the project from start-to-finish.

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We provide unlimited ongoing voice network maintenance and support to meet the needs of your organization and your users. We use remote monitoring and management systems that allow your PBX to be monitored for device and hardware issues, security threats and decreased performance.

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Lifetime Hardware Repair & Replacement

With Cove Central Communications monthly service, customers never need to worry about their hardware.  Any endpoint or network equipment purchased from Cove Central is eligible for repair or replacement as long as your monthly VoIP service remains active.

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Everything that is needed to transform your organization's communication.

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We provide businesses with VoIP communication solutions that work

“Before Cove Central -- I've never, in all my years of business, had the phone company call me to let me know about an issue with my service and what they are going to do to fix it!”
“Cove Central is easy to work with, knowledgeable and provide a great service. We are truly thrilled with the capabilities of our VoIP service and whenever we have questions, anyone on the Cove Central Team seems to be able to help us immediately.”
“Our school had 3CX phones but they were never quite right - until we found Cove Central (the 4th vendor we tried) They switched us to linux (much smaller footprint than Windows), then helped us clean out lots of cruft and bad settings from the previous vendors. Their staff is awesome, especially the day they stayed on the line with me as I visited 30+ legacy handsets to do a manual fix that couldn't be automated. Best of all, we saved money on our phone lines.”
“How is their support? This is where they shine. They help us in areas that are above and beyond what you would expect. Non-critical items (security updates, minor fixes) are done after hours so they can keep you working through the day”