E911 Surcharge

Enhanced 911 (E911) must be provided by every state and these charges are then imposed onto the customer. Every state will have a different 911 surcharge. For example, in Massachusetts, it is charged as $1.50/line or trunk. Cove Central Communications is a provider in the NENA database. Here is the link to the 911 charges by state per NENA (National Emergency Number Association).

FCC Fees

There are currently (3) FCC charges you will find on your monthly bill that are government mandated fees:

  • FCC Cost Recovery Fee which is the compliance fee and the service connection from state-to-state.

  • FCC TRS Fund which is the Telecommunication Relay Service for the hearing impaired.

  • FCC Universal Fund which is the provision of affordable universal network, compatible technology and infrastructure for rural and low-income users nationwide.

State, Local Sales and Service Provider Taxes

Sales Taxes are passed on to each customer for anything related to goods and services being delivered to your facility. Hardware, software and services will carry their respective state and local municipal sales tax that change on a regular basis depending on each state and local policies. These are charges that are passed on to the customer and added on to your invoice.