Virtual PBX in the Cloud

Get your next phone system as a Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and reduce travel and telecommunications costs by up to 80%. With a Virtual PBX you have complete control of your PBX and its data as well as freedom of choice on where to host the PBX virtually.

Boost productivity with CRM integration and advanced Unified Communications features; gain mobility using advanced smartphone apps.

Cove Central includes the PBX hosting in the Cloud at no additional cost with your VoIP service.

Deployed in Minutes

Our Virtual PBX enables you to easily setup a complete cloud PBX. 5 simple steps and your PBX will be deployed on a Linux VPS of your choosing with a full range of Unified Communications features. The free trial is fully functional version of your preferred PBX platform.  You may choose Vodia or 3CX

  • Simple 5 step setup wizard

  • Deploy on Google, Amazon Lightsail and Azure.

  • Fraction of the cost of other cloud solutions

Self Host and Retain Control

You can self host your PBX on your choice of cloud provider:

  • Leaves customer in complete control of PBX

  • No sharing of resources and data with other hosted PBXs

  • Self host or get a managed hosted PBX from us!

  • We provide SIP trunking access.