why 3CX?

Why chose 3CX? (Video)


PBX Integration

Bring the cost benefits of VoIP Trunks to your legacy PBX or add capacity to your IP-PBX.

SIP Compatible PBX Support

Our SIP trunks offer the same high call quality as traditional T1/E1 and PRI Trunks with all the benefits of VoIP.

High Quality Codec

We use high quality codecs to preserve the call quality of traditional telco trunks.

Flat Monthly Rate

Stop worrying about long distance in the US and Canada — it's included in our low monthly per channel pricing.

Easy Setup

SIP trunks can be added directly to PBX systems that support SIP or terminated on-site with an appropriate adapter for legacy PBX systems.

Secure Connection

All of our SIP trunks support encryption to protect the privacy of your calls as they pss through the internet.

HD Voice Quality

HD is supported on all of our trunks

Amazing Service

CoveCentral is ready to resolve any issue and help plan the life cycle of your PBX. Capacity can be increased very quickly compared to traditional trunks.