Dedicated PBX

3CX is an open-standard, software-based IP phone system that works with popular IP phones and SIP trunks whether on-premise or in the cloud.


3CX Hosted Trial

Get all the features of a big business PBX system without the big expense. For the first year, you can use a fully functional, cloud hosted PBX system and Cove Central can provide VoIP trunks, so all you pay for is your actual calls.

Access whichever features meet your business needs, when you need them without the hassle of system upgrades. And, because the system lives in a data center and not your office, you never have to worry about ongoing maintenance or service interruptions due to power failures.


PBX Connector

Add VoIP Lines to your existing phone system.  Eliminate long distance charges in the US and save on international calls.  Add flexibility to your communications by allowing redirection of your calls to cell phones or other numbers when your on-premise phone system is unavailable due to equipment failure or power outages.

Keep your existing numbers and/or add DID lines as needed.