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Vodia License Partner Program
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VoIP is a lucrative industry and has grown immensely, especially since Covid changed the way companies operate. With today’s new standard of business operations including remote communications and work from home.

In 2020 the VoIP services market in North America was nearly $4 billion dollars and through 2030 this market is expected to grow by 13% annually.  A major contributor to this projected growth is the decision by incumbent phone carriers in the US to phase out copper land lines, a process that has already begun nationwide.

An established VoIP Provider like yourself, can benefit from this program if you are looking to replace one of the many PBX vendors that have suddenly given up and exited the market, want to switch platforms due to changes in your current product, or just want to add a best in class multi-tenant PBX to your line card.

Cove Central Communications partnered directly with the manufacturer to offer the world class Vodia Multi-tenant  PBX platform as a hosted or on premise fully white labeled solution.  If you choose, you can market the PBX with the Vodia branding intact, and Vodia leaves that decision to you with no price implications.  You pay the same price per seat as you would directly from the manufacturer, but you get an additional level of support, training and sales engineering from Cove Central Communications highly experienced team.

As an added option, we can offer AWS hosting for your customer PBX platforms.  Each instance will be under your complete control and dedicated to only your tenants.  Cove Central's staff can bring new servers online quickly, troubleshoot any performance issues and offer you an additional set of eyes to ensure your customers experience fantastic uptime, call quality and reliability.


This program is designed for the experienced and established VoIP service provider.  A company that has established tax and compliance relationships in place, a trunk they own or resell that provides high quality backbone services for their customers.

Transitioning to a new PBX platform is not a minor decision.  Years of experience with other platforms will serve your staff well, but every platform has a learning curve when it comes to large and complex installations.  Cove Central Communications has an established technical staff with years of experience implementing and supporting the Vodia PBX platform for customers and resellers.  We have use cases that span from a handful of office users to the PSAP of a major New England City, to school districts and businesses of all sizes.

When you need advice about a new customer requirement, or how to implement encrypted trunks or off-site call recording we have answers and experience to provide.  We have fully outfitted labs where scenarios can be tested in-house before they are proposed to major customers.  We have many supported devices on hand to test configuration changes or troubleshoot unexpected behavior.

Our staff will be available to assist you and your end-users resolve support issues quickly.  While the program does not include first-call support for end users, our staff can join a call with your technicians and end-users without you having to worry about how we will identify ourselves.  We can be your "in-house experts" or an outside consultant you brought in to serve your customer's need.  We'll agree up-front to give your customer and staff a seamless support experience.


What’s included in the License Only Program?

  • PBX Licensing

    Pre-configuration advice and support for your on-premise or cloud PBX

    Configuration support and troubleshooting of all Vodia supported devices

  • Second Level support for partner's technicians

    Introductory training sessions to share best practices for Vodia implentation

    Support and advice for provisioning, call flow configuration and testing

  • 24x7 On-call support for your staff's emergency issues 

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