Cove Central is a Maine Green Power company. Link here to find out more.

In addition, our network of award-winning providers are members of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership with at least 100% renewable energy and up to 300% green-powered energy utilized by the following initiatives:

  • Wind energy certificates up to three times the web servers’ energy consumption

  • Long-term agreements totaling nearly 3 Gigawatts of wind and solar energy around the world

  • Building several wind farms in the US and globally

  • Investing in $2.5B in solar and wind projects


It is important to us that we have a healthy work culture not only to maintain a sustainable workforce but also to increase drive and passion in building progress and innovation that benefits our company and our customers. We encourage creativity and inventive ideas in finding ways to solve customer challenges. We believe in transparency and open communication as it creates a healthy working environment. Fair wages and benefits, flexible schedule and the importance of family and personal life are all elements we factor in creating a better work culture for our employees.


  • EMPOWERMENT: To empower one’s self by acquiring the skills and knowledge to help those you support, internally and externally.

  • KINDNESS & RESPECT: The act of a kind human being to genuinely provide personable high-quality customer service.

  • INNOVATION: To find creative ways; be agile and flexible in solving problems and other technical challenges that arise internally and externally with customers.

  • TRANSPARENCY: We encourage open communication and discuss projects as a team. By collaborating and sharing ideas creates trust in our team that helps us become successful.


The communities we serve:

  • OUR CUSTOMERS is our #1 priority in service. It is the most essential part of our business.

  • We support OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY and have partnerships with local businesses to bring better awareness by supporting their products and solutions.

  • Most of OUR NETWORK OF PROVIDERS are also within our regional area and we always look for providers and vendors who are local to us.